1990 called…

I know I’m about two decades late on this one, but tomorrow I am going to see my very first Dave Matthews Band concert.  And I couldn’t be more excited about it! (And no – I don’t smoke pot.  Contrary to popular belief, DMB has fans that are not flannel-wearing potheads.)

I don’t have any solid answer as to where I’ve been the last 20 years that I am just now making it to my first concert.  But I’m guessing it has something to do with growing up in South Florida.  Somewhere between booty music, reggaeton, and “tiki tiki” I overlooked the glory that is DMB.

To top it off, I’ll be standing up front in the pit.  Dave Matthews will practically be sweating on me.  I’m absolutely geek-ing out about the whole thing. (Don’t judge me. I’m not ashamed.)

4 thoughts on “1990 called…

  1. So, how did it go??? Congrats on your first post, and I can relate to what you mention about growing up in FL. it’s so hard to enjoy music that is not like the one you described, We barely get anybody coming down to have concerts…. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!!! FMC

    • The concert was great! He’s coming to FL next month, FYI.

      And thanks for reading my little ol’ blog. I appreciate it! FMC 🙂

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